roaming through the night

Fascinated by codes of conduct and nightlife in the harbours, HAVEN portraits people who live and work there. Being a world on its own, in particular during the night the harbour of Amsterdam seems miles out of town.Hanna lives in abandoned submarine and takes care for her home with love.
Dennis is sitting alone in a huge crane, waiting for an order from the docks to start hoisting.
Saskia goes out tracking down food in the harbours and lives underneath the slipway.
Dirk as managing director of a huge transfer company, but also takes part in the shiftwork. The alienating landscape of industry, transfer companies and warehouses north of Amsterdam is
a world in which people are surviving, working or have ended up after rambling for years.
All these people have their own kingdom, where their persona; rules and dreams predominate.
One thing they have in common: They have a predilection for silence of the night and share the love for the nocturnal harbour.

Marjoleine Boonstra: director/scenario
Lies Janssen: producer
Stijf Tijding/Marjoleine Boonstra: director of photography
Jac Vleeshouwer: sound
Menno Boerema: editing
Merlijn Twaalfhoven: music
commissioning editor: Bert Janssens
copyright: HUMAN, Humanist broadcasting Company