CV 1990 -2022
Marjoleine Boonstra  studied at art-academy Minerva in Groningen and at filmschool N.F.T.V.A. in Amsterdam and the Binger Film Institute. She works as a Director and D.O.P. and has made documentary and fiction films as well as video-installations for museums of modern art. Central to her work is a deep interest in human life and a keen eye for simple details of how people cope in their often difficult circumstances. This has resulted in concise and strong films about people all over the world that have been awarded at several festivals. One eye-catching detail is the sleeping of people that returns both in her films and photography. Boonstra: “This serenity under the most horrible circumstances ensures me the world survives. It shows the vulnerability of our existence in its most ultimate form. This moves me.” Marjoleine Boonstra’s work has been shown at museums, art galleries and filmfestivals in The Netherlands and abroad. Her work has received several prizes. She is mentor master-study film academy NFTVA Amsterdam, coaching several film projects and tutor at IDFA workshop 2014, 2015 and 2018 and Jury member IDFA.

Films in Progress:
Joeni, in the shadow of the lion, fiction
- Black Salt, fiction
- The mother of a soldier, Documentary, 90 min

Filmography Films (Direction and Scenario) :
- The Green Code, (71"), TELEDOC, WITFILM 2022
The miracle of the little prince, world premiere at IDFA 2018, (70")cinema release 2019, PVH films
- Home away from Home, about the artist Do Ho Suh, (50") 2019, Avro/Tros
- Mirrordreams (52min) 2018
- Hemelsleutel (2x 28 min) 2016
- Jongens waren we/When we were boys (48min) 2015
- The silence of Mark Rothko (60 min) 2014 International filmfestival, EYE 
- Kurai, Kurai, Feature Film (80 min) EYE, several movie theaters, Prix Emile Guimet, Vesoul
- Fresco's Paradise, (5x 40 min) series, 2013
- Keep on stepping, series, cross medial project, IDFA, UPC innovation award
- Among Horses and Men (73 min) IDFA 2010, New York – several theaters
- Ongehoord [unheard], (6 x 40 min) 2010
- Plywood dwelling (4 screens, video installation) 40 min in coop. with Aernout Mik
- Irene, a different life, (50 min) 2009
- Witte Sneeuw [white snow], 3 min 2008 
- Zonnig Madeira [sunny Madeira] , 50 min 2008
- Karel van het Reve, (four grandsons tell) 30 min 2007 
- Keep on stepping (Seven New Orleans Sketches) 67 min 2007 
- A bad dream (IFFR, IBFF, Bilbao)12 min. 2006 
- Robert, Mary and Katrina (IFFR, IBFF, Birds eye) 42 min. 2006
- Vingers wijzen naar de maan [Fingers pointing at the Moon] 29 min. 2005 
- Sjanghai* video installation 30 min. 2005 
- Ironing Man* video installation 30 min. 2005
- Het sneeuwt vrienden [It’s snowing friends] (Utrecht) 50 min. 2005 
- HAVEN (IDFA, Rotterdam Film Festival) 70 min. 2004 
- Gadzo,Gadze (Rotterdam Film Festival) 6 min. 2004 
- Brytania, (Rotterdam Film Festival, Cretail)  4 x 7 min. 2003
- Cold and Warm Bodies (Outlook Athene)* 18 x 12 min. 2002 
- BELA, BELA (IDFA, Cretail, Paris) 70 min. 2001 
- Hongkongoria (Van Abbe Museum)*  7 x 10 min. 1999 
- Ulay - In Photography (IDFA, Arte) 60 min. 1997 
- Sa Nule (Human, IDFA) 9 min. 1996 
- Borderline Cases* (IDFA)  3x 50 min. 1996 
- 50 jaar na Dato [50 years after the event] 50 min. 1995 
- Vraag en Aanbod [Supply and Demand]  50 min. 1995 
- April 27, Vote one, Vote all 16 mm 16 min. 1994 
- Foreign Nightingale* (AVRO, BRT) 16 mm 56 min. 1994 
- Een koffer van herinnering [A suitcase full of memories] (HOS) 26 min. 1994 
- Our Man in Kazahkstan (KRO) 16 mm 55 min.1993 
- A Voice against Violence] (HOS)  40 min.1993 (Portrait of Mr. Max van der Stoel) 
- Skinheads (HOS) 30 min. 1992 
- Blue Highway (cinema commercial) 35 mm 15 min. 1991 
- Paradijs van het vergeten* [Paradise of Forgetfulness] 16 mm 55 min. 1990 
- Home away from Home (NOS) 16 mm 30 min. 1989 
- Merenque, Merenque* (NOS) 16 mm 40 min. 1988 
- Typisch Tupperware [Typically Tupperware] BVU 30 min. 1988 
- Thermisch Water [Thermal Water] 30 min. 1987 
- Vierentwintig [Twenty-Four]  30 min. 1986 
- Kosmopoliatana 16 mm 30 min. 1985
- Pose 16 mm 30 min. 1984  (*) In collaboration with other directors                                 

Films mentioned along with a Dutch broadcasting organization have been shown on television. The films have also been shown at national and international film festivals (including the International Documentary Festival/Amsterdam, Hotdocs, Film forum New York, Doku Art Berlin, Utrechtse Filmdagen, Rotterdam Film Festival/RFF, Banff (Canada), Benaki Museum Athens, Brooklyn filmfestival/New York, Institut Neerlandais/Paris, Festival Créteil/Paris, Galerie Gebauer/Berlin, Budapest, Frauen Filmfest/Cologne, Krakow, Kuhmo Museum/Seoul, London, Filmfestival Oberhausen, Sofia, Stuttgart, Tampere, Tel Aviv, Mexico-City en St Petersburg, Vesoul, Washington, Kunsthalle/Vienna.)

Awards: (selection)
-2019 Golden Calf award for the best editing of The miracle of the little Prince
-2019-nominated for the best feature length documentary, Golden calf award ,The miracle of the little prince
-2019 Best documentary in literature, Master of art filmfestival, The miracle of the little prince
-2018 Mirrordreams, first prize, national dutch education award 2018 & the public award
-2015 Le prix Emile Guimet for Kurai, Kurai, Vesoul, France
-2012 UPC innovation award for the ipad application keep on steppin
-2006 Public prize Robert, Mary and Katrina, International Bunker Festival/ Italy
-2005 Nomination for the big prize on the Dutch Filmfestival/ Utrecht, for the best sound of the  Film HAVEN.
-2004 Prize for Britanya on the 50th International Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2004, Germany
-2002 L.J. Jordaanprijs, Award from het Amsterdams Fonds voor de kunsten, for the best documentary or feature in 2002: BELA, BELA.
-2002 ICODO Award, for the film Bela, Bela, the best film of 2002 
-1998 Nomination for the big prize on the Dutch Filmfestival/Utrecht for documentary : Ulay-in  photography
-1998 NominationThe Rocky awards Banff/ Canada for the documentary Ulay-in photography
-1997 Nominatie Echo awards London for the documentary serie: Borderline Cases
-1994 J.B. van Broekszprijs (VARA) for the documentary: A voice against violence
-1991 Pall Mall Export Movie Production Award for the script of Blue Highway.*

Work in collection:
2014; ABN/AMRO
2003: Gemeente museum Den Haag
2002: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2001: Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven and ABN AMRO Paris
1994: Stadsschouwburg Leiden
1992: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Rijksdienst voor beeldende kunst
1991: Gemeente Amsterdam and Gemeente Den Haag
1989: Stedelijk Museum
1986: Gemeente Amsterdam
1985: Rijksdienst Beeldende kunst and Gemeente Amsterdam and Gemeente Groningen

For more over than 25 years Marjoleine Boonstra is co-directing the video-installations of Aernout Mik.

Co-directing video installations Aernout Mik.:                                                                     
A swarm of two (2017), Die Fremden (2016), Cardboard Walls (2013), Shifting sitting (2012), Communitas (2010), Schoolyard (2008), Touch, Rise and Fall (2008), Mock Up (2007), Training Ground (2006), Scapegoats (2006), Vacuum room (2005), Osmosis and Excess (2005), Dispersion Room (2004), Sleeping Bus(2004), Paralel Corner (2003), Pulverous (2003), Zone( 2002), Flock(2002), Park(2002), Middlemen (2001), Reversal Room (2001), Glutinosity (2001), Organic Escalator(2000), Softer Catwalk in Collapsing Rooms (1999), Lumber (1999), Float (1998), a small group falling(1998), Garage (1998), Lick( 1997), Kitchen(1997), Stuffed, Weak and Filthy (1995), Fluff (1996)